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For those who are interested we have our baby registry on Amazon:

Carina's friend Deana is hosting a baby shower for Carina November 7th.

It is crazy to think that in about 3 months we will be meeting our son, Gavin!  We have been getting the nursery in order and working on projects around the house to prepare for his arrival.  Noah put the crib and changing table together recently.  We picked out curtains that we will be putting up soon.  Noah finished up the install of a commercial stove in the kitchen. Kitchen renovation of cabinets and counters will come later.  Carina's next OB appointment is on October 9, 2015.   That's when she'll have the glucose testing done to make sure she doesn't have gestational diabetes.

We finally picked out a crib and it's being delivered soon.  Things will be coming together with the nursery over the next few weeks.

We had an OB appointment today, everything is progressing well.  Gavin's heartbeat and fetal growth are on track.  When the OB was trying to check Gavin's heartbeat he was kicking up a storm.  It was funny!

Our next OB appointment is on September 11th.  Gavin has been more active lately and Noah was actually able to feel him move on August 25th.  Carina's belly is getting bigger with time.

Carina has started feeling less tired and has more energy now in the second trimester.  She no longer feels nauseous; however, indigestion may have replaced that symptom as of late.  We had an OB appointment on July 16, 2015 and we were able to hear Gavin's heartbeat, It is such an amazing sound!  On August 14, 2015 we had the anatomy ultrasound appointment to make sure Gavin is growing and developing accordingly.  Gavin's nursery is starting to come together as well.   Noah ripped out the carpeting and laid lament wood flooring down on August 2, 20015.  He is finishing the trim and touch up paint this weekend.  

Carina and Noah had a 5 day old embryo (Gavin) transferred on Monday, April 13, 2015 by Dr. Paul Magarelli.  Carina rested for a couple of days and started to feel pregnancy symptoms by Saturday, April 18th.  She was too impatient to wait until the scheduled pregnancy test on April 24th at the doctor's office so she did an at home pregnancy test on Monday, April 20th.  The test said PREGNANT!!!  Dr. Magarelli's office confirmed the results with a blood test on April 24th.  Carina started to experience symptoms such as sleepiness, nausea, hungriness, frequent urination as well as being a little more forgetful.  We were able to see the placenta sac via ultra sound on April 29th, on May 5th we were able to see the beginning of Gavin's body and on May 12th we were able to see  the makings of a head and body as well as hear Gavin's heartbeat!  We we're given a due date of December 28, 2015 and we are anxiously waiting to meet our little boy!

We are finaly getting around to updating the site again, adding a few new sections.  You may notice there is a Genealogy section now, this is still in development but if you have anything you would like to add we will be glad to host it.  There is also a page to check your external IP address, this can be very helpful in troubleshooting.  If you would like to see other content please let us know and we will see what we can do.  

Well it’s been awhile since we put an update on the site so this will be a long one.  Back in September we bought a dairy goat named Valeska and two pups named Denali and Kenai.  We will have pictures in the photo section shortly.   A couple weeks later Noah got word that he would be deploying soon.  In December we flew to Virginia to visit Noah’s family for Christmas and then drove to New York to visit Carina’s over New Years.  From February 2nd to March 8th Noah’s brother Andrew came to visit us.  Unfortunately while he was visiting Noah was also tasked for some training at Ft Gordon Georgia.  When Noah got back he had about 4 days to finish his out-processing to go on to Ft Bliss Texas for some additional training.  On March 20th Valeska had three kids, two boys and a girl.  For now they will all stay at a friend’s house until Noah gets back.   Pictures of the kids will be in the photo section as well.  That is all for now,  more to come soon.   

During Labor Day weekend we went to the annual Hot Air Balloon Classic.  It was neat to see how the hot air balloons are prepped before they lift off the ground!

We added another critter to the family.  We adopted a main coon cat named Cruiser who is supposed to be a good mouser.  However, we discovered that Cruiser is better at catching flies/bugs than he is mice!

We closed on the house today.

For Noah's birthday we went to the demolition derby in Calhan

We visited with Carina’s Uncle Gene and family in Helena, Montana. Her uncle took us sapphire mining which was hard work, but we found a 1 carat cut able sapphire so it was worth it! We also went to Butte, Montana to see the Berkley Pit. Yellowstone National Park was very interesting! We were able to see Old Faithful erupt and went to Yellowstone Bear World in Rexburg, ID. At the Yellowstone Bear World we were able to drive through the park and there were bears wondering around the car! We also were able to feed some of the bears on a curator ride through the park. It was a blast, except for the long drive from our RV site.

Today we visited the east side of Glacier National Park in Montana. We plan to drive to the west side tomorrow we have been taking tons of pictures which I will post on the site soon.

Now we are in Banff National Park in Canada. Today we drove out to Lake Lousie and saw sheep and caribou. Tomorrow we are going on a wildlife safari bus ride through the park and maybe horse back ridding. Then we will be on the road for Glacier National Park in Montana.

We made it to Fort Nelson Canada today. Today was a very mountainous ride. We saw several stone sheep and a couple moose and buffalo. Today was the prettiest part of the trip so far.

Today we finished up all of our out processing at Elmendorf and hit the road. Off to a late start, we drove from Anchorage to Tok, Alaska. We encountered a few glitches along the way, but we made it here safely. There were a few spots under construction that delayed us a little bit. Tomorrow we should be in Canada. We plan to visit the Edmonton Mall and Banff National Park along the way. We are going to take it easy only driving about 300 miles a day and taking our time to get to Colorado

Well The Movers came today and packed up all of our things. We are now living in the RV and in the process of cleaning the house. We have to get the house ready for the housing inspection. We have been under a lot of pressure with the move so this is a good point to relax a little. We will be driving out on the 30th and still can’t wait to get on the road.

Carina and I have our orders and are definitely going to Schriever AFB in Colorado. Both of us are very eager to get on the road, it should be an awesome trip. We are also looking forward to buying a house when we get there.

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